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Diane Kleinert

What does love mean to me?

What does my work as a celebrant mean to me?  Well it means love!

Love is hard and risky. It means we might give love and be rejected in return, but it’s better to love without expecting something back than to withhold love.

Unconditional love means that even when we want to prove that we are right, we stop the argument, become the bigger person and remember that having a relationship is better than having to be right.

It also has the power to change someone’s future for good.

You are extremely lucky if you have experienced unconditional love. – The kind of love with no strings attached.

The kind of love that doesn’t need to hear ‘I love you too’ in return.

The kind of love that is not taken away when we mess up.

The kind of love that sees us at our worst yet still believes there is something inside of us that’s worth the trouble.

I have been so very lucky to be invited into many families’ lives. The stories of courage, strength of character and love inspire me to take life and give it a bloody good shake. Not waste it, life is too precious.

I also take a huge amount of inspiration from the lives of my clients that have overcome many obstacles yet still get up, get dressed and put on a brave face to the world. 

Weddings and Funerals are both equally emotive,  both equally deserve undivided attention,  this I give to my clients.

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