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Jakin Smith

It seems pretty obvious… Weddings should be good!

People gather at weddings to celebrate an amazing commitment with the people they love. It’s a celebrants job to make sure it feels awesome, not boring! Bad weddings are awkward, disjointed, irrelevant and unpleasant. Perhaps you’ve been to one? You may have been un-comfortable, confused or even perplexed! Bad weddings happen all the time and for many reasons… thankfully they can be avoided.

What makes a Ceremony great?!

Great weddings engage the couple and their guests right from the get-go. No one gets bored and people actually smile… and cry (in a good way). Great ceremonies are never monotonous or read (painfully) word after word because at great weddings the people are more important than the celebrant reading their thing. There’s eye-contact, maybe a little laughter and perhaps a story or two. Ultimately the guests feel like they went on a journey with the couple… Because the ceremony was actually about them. Crazy right?!

I’m humbled that I get to work with couples so closely on a day that’s so significant. I don’t think I’ll ever take that for granted.

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