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David Ward

I love a good wedding! Excitement, real energy and happiness are all
ingredients for a great time.

I ensurethe celebration is truly about the couple and represents who they are
completely. I encourage the bride and groom to shake off convention and bring their
contemporary aspirations to the proceedings to produce a truly personal

 IfI am privileged to be your celebrant of choice, the person to help you declare
your vows of devotion to each other, it is my commitment to deliver a uniquely
personal ceremony for you. Together we will capture the true essence of what
makes the two of you each other’s sole mate, with a sense of fun with a true

Tohelp with your decision I offer to craft a ceremony that is truly yours. I work
hard to ensure you get what you want. I understand how important this day is to
you and assure you I will treat it with the respect and
love it thoroughly deserves.

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