Ceremony Outline

Below is an outline for the procedures of a ceremony. For more information and examples of ceremonies and vows, choose from the ‘Ceremonies Examples’ and ‘Vows Examples’.

Introduction (Optional)
A welcome, followed by the principles of belief surrounding marriage.

A Reading (Optional)
Your choice of verse or prose, usually non-religious in content.

Personalised Section (Optional)
Information about the relationship that is relevant. It can be light and breezy, romantic or serious – your choice. Your celebrant will draft it for you after a discussion.

Giving Away (Optional)
Traditionally the father ‘gives the bride away’. This can be structured to be more about family support for both the Bride and Groom.

The Monitum 
A statement required to be made according to the Marriage Act.

The Asking (Optional)
A formal question in relation to your intentions.

Vows (Essential)
Your promises. They need to acknowledge your life-long commitment but can also say anything that you wish to promise to each other.

Exchange of Rings (Optional)
Usually followed by a Versicle (prose to ‘seal’ the exchange of rings).

A Reading (Optional)
Your choice of verse or prose.

Followed by …

  • Declaration (and embrace)
  • Signing of Register & Certificate (requires two adult witnesses)
  • Introduction of the Married Couple
  • Congratulations from guests