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Hannah Millar

My story is long, and really more like a quilt, with many squares sewn by hand, by different people in many different situations and experiences.

I have tried many things, and am able to bring empathy and understanding to any scenario. Which is why I am able to offer a service that is truly specific to my clients desires.

Some of my passions include; poetry, songwriting, music production, DJing, Entrepreneurship, Gratitude & Affirmations, Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, Hiking, Practicing my Indonesian, Developing Businesses, Design Thinking, Marketing and User Experience.

I love love.
it is my greatest joy to be of service in the solemnising of marriage, and the other responsibilities that come with being a Celebrant. I believe deeply in the power of Ceremony & Ritual, and I see my role as the guide whose responsible for bringing the unseen and the seen together, the unspoken and the spoken, the spirit and the real; to create lasting memories that are built on our shared humanity, and of course love.

I work very specifically with my clients to explore their relationship, their love, their dreams and passions and to develop a service that is honest and true to each individual experience.

Basically, I’ll give it everything I’ve got! Because that is what you deserve.


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