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Michael Webb

Michael Webb is my name, a 6’6” gentle giant who fell in love with weddings when playing a large part in my
brother’s ceremony many years ago. 

Creating and officiating ceremonies is a fantastic honour. I consider myself blessed to
witness the most special of commitments on a weekly basis.

After discovering my love for weddings, a deciding factor on becoming a celebrant was when I noticed how underrepresented males were within the industry. There are many great celebrants out there, however, I felt that there was a perspective and style not widely offered and I thought I could fill this niche.

Weddings to me are about striking a balance. A balance between honouring the tradition and sanctity of marriage, whilst creating ceremonies that are relaxed celebrations full of love and laughter.

My style and presence effortlessly engages with an audience. A strong voice, rhythm and flow, coupled with a youthful optimism and vibrancy, help me to create unique occasions.

I would love the opportunity to sit down, have a chat, and give you the opportunity to see why I am the right choice for your wedding ceremony.

Good luck with your planning. I look forward to hearing form you.

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