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Olivia Mulvany

I love being a celebrant. My upbringing in Ireland gave me a very good grounding; education and understanding of how to be in this world. It’s extremely important to me that I demonstrate and lead with these beautiful values and principles instilled in me at a very young age and still blessed to maintain these through my adult life.

Being a Celebrant, I get to express those beautiful values and principles through my two passions in life, being; Truth & Love. I am very privileged in my field of expertise as a Civil Celebrant that I get the opportunity to convey with people from all walks of life, the ability to extend warmth, loyalty, trust, respect, integrity, grace, poise and elegance. Being in a position where a person (s) can feel safe to place their needs comfortably with me, is truly beautiful.

My experience in the Hospitality Industry as well as a career in the corporate sector primarily as a PA, gave me tremendous skills, but were not fulfilling my passions in life; My desire to stand up and express those passions became more of a priority and thus I began the journey where I could experience what I believed in, the answer led to becoming a Civil Celebrant.

I love to be able to express other peoples “Truth & Love” because its authentic and true to who they are, what they represent and whom we can all observe and learn how to be, whether the occasion is the death of a loved one, joining two people together in marriage or the arrival of a new born;

All of these ceremonies I am privileged and feel honoured to be a part of.

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