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Ruth Gross

As a Marriage Celebrant, I put people at ease with my calm and warm personality and my professionalism. I embrace diversity.
My first career was teaching children. The pillars of my work were respect, understanding and attention to detail. I bring those same pillars to my role as a Celebrant, as well as my organisational skills, and experience with public speaking, creative writing and team work.

I was born in Melbourne. I grew up surrounded by family and friends who marked the ups and downs of their lives together, with full tables and open hearts! These have become my values – share the good times, support one another in the tough ones, be generous, and meet life with a smile.

As the Celebrant at “Ceremonies by Ruth,” I will design your ceremony with the style and atmosphere you choose, your personal story that has brought you to this time, and traditions and rituals that are meaningful for you. I will tailor your ceremony just for you! If you’re not sure what you want, we can work together to explore the possibilities. Feel welcome to be in touch.

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