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Ursula Corvan

Hello, I am Ursula, born in the beautiful town of Armagh in Ireland, I even come with an Irish accent. Have lived in Melbourne for the past 30 years and love everything about this city! I live a full and vibrant life surrounded by my family, dear friends, music and good vibes always.

I bring a strong empathetic approach to this work and a commitment to inclusion and equality to every aspect of my life, especially in any professional practice. Alongside this I have a relaxed and when appropriate a funny side to me which I know to be complementary skills when supporting people to open and understand their needs.
The skills and knowledge I have developed and understanding of people, systems and project planning are strongly aligned to the suite of skills required in this space. I am passionate and keen to bring my 30 years’ experience in administration, management and leadership roles in the community and government sectors to my role as a civil celebrant.

I am also an experienced and confident public speaker – understanding the critical need to prepare, plan and know my content ahead of any event. I am a certified facilitator and believe theses skills in engagement and enabling people to navigate difficult journeys and communicating effectively will also be essential in a celebrant’s role to support people to get the best outcomes and experience be it a happy wedding day, welcoming and naming a child or a sad reflective process of grief and farewell.

I am comfortable engaging with and respectful of all cultural and spiritual beliefs and understand the importance of and significance that the use of ritual and symbolism has in ceremonies and events for the important life stages.

Last but not least, I believe I bring a mature, confident and wise self to this very important work. I am at the stage of life that I don’t need to do the 9-5 and am so excited to be able to participate in a space that excites me, energises me.   Please reach out and we can see if we connect and share a vision for your special day or occasion.

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